What are you concerned about your business?
Solve all concerns you have with RESTA!

We will take your concerns seriously more than nobody
and help to solve them with our strengths dedicated with ecommerce
It will lead your business sales goes up more and more

Why Do You Choose Us?
1st Reason
We have large warehouses
which is able to stock a lot
  • Stock at our warehouses
  • Bulk Order by Containers
Our Works in 2020

We have two large warehouses in Kobe, Hyogo
There is a large amount of stock space and a speedy shipping is available

  • Stock at our warehouses

    We have several dedicated warehouses for imported products.

  • Bulk Order by Containers

    Warehouse for specialized shipping
    Available to ship multiple products at once

Additionally, RESTA has been importing unfamiliar
products in Japan so far because we will be able to
sell them for the following reasons
2nd Reason
Making promotion videos and editing them
by RESTA staff

We upload not only promotion videos,
but also other videos, "how to order" and "how to DIY"
All customers can order your products without any errors

how to order and how to DIY

Video manual is easier than paper one to work on DIY
Our original videos let customers willing to do DIY more and more!
Thus, it will lead to increase your sales

Check out Restachannel on YouTube

We have 96 thousand subscribers on YouTube
Our shooting staff produces video and edit to promote your products
Many customers come to visit our YouTube channel everyday
and they are waiting for your products
We upload them on Web shop site as well

Special Staff in Charge
Conducts Your Products Pages
  • We work on everything
    including product planning & design

    We take good care of your products
    from products to design
    and then to sales promotion

    Making Easy-to-follow product pages
  • We shoot pics of your products
    for our website

    Don't worry if you don't have pics
    for product introduction
    Leave it to us

    Having Shooting studio in the office
Tips to Success

Original lecture videos and product pages include lots of information
We resolve customers' anxiety about web shop

This is why our sales improves

We overcome gap of their images as weakness of web shop
by giving customers information as much as possible

3rd Reason
You can appeal your products successfully
on our website which
professional and DIYer visit

We specialize in DIY interior and exterior!
Our customers range from simple DIYer to Architectural professional
You can appeal to various kinds of customers here

  • Monthly Number of Hits
  • Shop Members
  • Unit Sales

We can show your products more attractively by our stable skills appealing to customers Many keywords of our products rank high in search engine results on google and yahoo
Lots of customers use our website as a reference

Top Selling Products

Remodeled products that were hard to construct before are very popular for personal DIYer
Of course, products for professionals are popular too


    We keep ordering three 20ft containers once two months for two years and the sales goes up gradually


    There is a factory contracting with that
    sales amount is over 300,000 USD
    since we contracted a year and half ago

Our website catches many customers' eyes
because we specialize in DIY products

reliable customer support service
  • Resolve customer's anxiety
  • We will deal with customers'
    problems immediately by ourselves
    There is no need to worry about
    after you ship to Japan

RESTA is recognized as an excellent web shop site for long time
on Japanese main ECommerce sites

Japanese main ECommerce sites
Contract Flow
  • Inquiry

    Contact us from the form below
    We will contact you back from the person in charge

  • Online Discussion

    First we would like to communicate with chat tools and exchange some reference materials, and ask you to send us samples that we are interested in
    After that we summarize order information

  • Contract

    Based on order from RESTA, create PROFORMA INVOICE, please
    After that, We will pay DEPOSIT (30 percent of total amount) by T/T

  • Shipment

    After manufacturing, create COMMERCIAL INVOICE and PACKING LIST, please
    We will pay BALANCE

  • Preparing for Sales in Japan

    Expert team will shoot your products and create web pages and videos for Japanese customers

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