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  • SL PLUS $4.00/m

    Over 100 items included, made up of mostly long running items and functional easy-to-use basic type wallpapers. Some wallpapers that are suited for use in wet environment are also included in this series.

  • BIG ACE $6.50/m~

    Over 500 items included, a sample book for those starting a new life. A good support for those aiming to create memories in a new living space.

  • BEST $6.50/m~

    Carries 923 items consisting of 230 different materials.
    An extensive product lineup with rich color patterns and functionality.

  • WALL PRO $6.50/m~

    Carries a large number of design wallpapers and imported wallpapers.
    As well as gold and silver motif Japanese wallpapers. This catalogue includes a large collection of classy wallpapers.

  • Reform Wallpapers $6.50/m

    A catalogue for the reform minded. Included are examples of color and pattern coordination.
    An image of a room can be created from the coordeinated pictures of the five different styles provided.


  • SP $4.00/m

    Emphasis is placed on volume, workability and ease of maintenance. Mass produced and highly versatile wallpapers.

  • Reserve 1000 $6.50/m~

    Included are wallpapers with special functions such as dirt repellency, deodorizing effect and disney character wallpapers.

  • FINE 1000 $6.50/m~

    Selection includes functional wallpapers such as anti allergy, dirt repellency and pet friendly features in rich textures and color variation.

  • XSELECT $5.00/m~

    A special design that can not be expressed with PVC wallpaper.Various materials such as wood, fiber, Japanese paper etc.

  • Reform Selection $6.50/m~

    Wallpapers have good workability and the number of wallpapers that can easily be applied in various scenes number a hundred.
    Wallpapers having functionality are also featured in this series.

  • FAITH $6.50/m

    Wallpapers are sophisticated and have an abundant variation of colors. Good fireproof properties when applied directly on a gypsum board.


  • LIGHT $6.50/m~

    A general catalogue of vinyl wallpapers that satisfy various needs or application.
    Included are several items which are a result of collaboration with designers.

  • V-wall $6.50/m~

    Emphasis placed on not only the finish of the wallpapers but also design and functionality of wallpapers in this catalogue whith all the items being quasi-noncombustible.
    Collection is rich and satisfies various lifestyles.

  • will $6.50/m~

    Wallpapers included here are favored by those with interest in the interior.
    Wallpapers in this series are the future of interior design.

  • BASE $4.50/m~

    All wallpapers in this highly reliable basic selection are anti-fungal. Also included are wallpapers for use on ceilings and Japanese rooms.


  • HOME $6.50/m~

    This series consist of wallpaper with cyclic deodorizing effect and water repellent properties, Air Cleaning Wallpaper "Clean Code" with reinforced surface.

  • FRESH $6.50/m~

    Iineup ranges from wallpapers having functionality such as air cleaning wallpaper, antibacteria and anti stain to wallpapers with high designability.

  • MARK 2 $4.50/m

    This series consist mainly of easy to paste white based wallpapers having beautiful finish.
    Finds use in new, reform and a lot of other applications.


  • PINEBUL $7.00/m~

    Based on a concept of gorgeous urban sophistication to produce a mature luxurious interior. The mix of nature and modernity has led to wallpapers that portray elegance.

  • Pinebull S $4.50/m

    Included are Anti fungal "Cloth" wallpapers having tough surface that prevents the growth and breeding of mold.
    Massed produced and highly suited for reform replacement work.

  • Muscle Wall $7.00/m

    Selection is made up of wallpapers with reinforced surface that are resistant to scratches, difficult to crack as well as having added functions like deodorizing effect,
    water repellency and ant—fungal.


  • VS $4.50/m

    Wallpapers are thick and have good workability. Classic cloth wallpaper catalogue comprised mostly white plain type wallpapers.

  • Certified non-Combustible wallpaper1000 $7.00/m

    Suited for places that require non-combustibility such as welfare facilities, hotels, commercial premises, high-rise condos.

  • Collection of environmentally friendly material $8.50/m~

    Contains several wallpapers made of natural materials and non wood material.
    Includes several materials with good workability.
    Also contains wallpapers with comfortable functionality.

  • POWER1000 $7.00/m~

    Includes wallpapers having a wide range of functionalities and designability that can be chosen according to the setting such as
    housing or facilities.

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