Instructions for constructions
What makes RESTA different?


What makes RESTA different with other companies is a lot of introduction pages and videos to show you how to work with our products. Our professional photo shootings and editing teams always keep searching new techniques for you.

Why we have introduction videos?

1. It eases our customers' concerns.
We believe that it eases your concerns. RESTA's products are all for DIY.
If customers believe that they can DIY, it will create more sales.
2. It reduces defects.
Videos reduce the chance of defects.
It means it reduces a lot of your time responding to your customers' inquiries.
3. It creates more customers.
Our introduction videos are on a video sharing website. People who have watched our videos first, come to RESTA's official website and purchase our products.
If you provide us with your original equipment manufactured products, we will make a promotion video for it.



How to remove wallpaper

How to apply putty filler on gypsum boards
gypsum board adjustments

How to make wallpaper paste
diluting Rugamild with water

How to measure a vertical line
with a plumb line

How to apply wallpaper paste

How to apply pre-pasted wallpaper
Matching printed wallpaper patterns

How to apply wallpaper
around the window frames for beginners

How to apply pre-pasted wallpaper
around wall columns

How to apply wallpaper to gypsum boards
edge to edge matching


How to apply cushion sheet floorings

How to apply cushion floor tiles
to a mortar concrete base floor

How to apply long flooring sheets

How to install laminate flooring

How to apply carpet tiles

Japanese traditional materials

How to paste the shoji paper
with glue

How to paste the shoji paper
with an iron

How to paste the fusuma paper
with water

How to apply fusuma paper
using a sticker type fusuma sheet

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